So explain it to me, how is my monthly £15 or £20 internationally in all stock market simultaneously to just one globally saved source from where I sit going to turn into a few hundred thousand 4 weeks later?

It's easy this website is programmed to deal with mass payments we collate all payments totalling £100,000,000 or more in your subscriber contributions worldwide and turn them into buyers bankers credit certificates that will authorize a government seller to release a given commodities tangible.

 The thing is that we can use those same bankers certificates generated from collective subscription savings to make multiple buys on a trading day of all the stock markets to allow control of price because we have the most stock in any arena GIVING you the 100% interest revenue markup we pay to your debitcard/creditcard /paypal account

Now in that buyer/trader scenario we only have to prove we have the money in a bankers MT746 block funds certificate from you guys saving as investing together now hence if there is no return there has been no buy and I give you your money back this is not spread betting on price changes it is the ability of the internet to generate as connect people as mass capital spread out in cost over a crowd fund so no one individual took a burden or a loss subscribe today your statutory rights are not affected